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Affordable Mailbox Post Installation in Lowell, MA

Are you a new owner of a GraniteLite mailbox post? Are you wondering what goes into a proper mailbox posts installation in Lowell, MA? Then you have come to the right place! Our team wants to ensure that you are able to get the most enjoyment out of your granite mailbox post. That is why we have created this helpful guide to ensure your installation runs as smoothly as possible.

The very first step, before you even start installing your new stone mailbox post, is to contact your local branch of the United States Postal Service. You will need to discuss with them the exact rules and measurements regarding mailbox placement in your area. The typical mounting height is between 40 and 44 inches above the ground, and the distance it should be set from the road or curb is usually between six and eight inches.

Different cities and counties might have different rules and regulations regarding these heights and distances, however. So to ensure you do not have to re-do your installation, this simple phone call to your local USPS office can be a huge time and money saver during your mailbox post installation.

Make Sure Your Mailbox Pole Is Installed Correctly

Once you know the measurements you can work with from your local post office, you can begin the actual installation process. To begin with, dig a 12-inch diameter hole for your stone mailbox post that is approximately two feet deep with either a clamshell digger or a gas-powered, post-hole digger. Next, fill the bottom six inches of the hole with crushed gravel. This allows water to quickly drain away from the bottom of your mailbox post after storms.

Plumb the mailbox post using a leveler tool, such as the Beny hands-free level, to ensure that the post is vertical. Once you have set the mailbox pole, pour approximately 12 inches of fast-setting concrete around and adjust it as needed to make sure it will be aligned properly before it dries.

Safety Is Always the Most Important Thing

For the best results, you should wait 24 hours before mounting your bracket and the residential mailbox to the post. The ambient and surface temperature must be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above and should not fall below that for a full day in order to make sure the concrete sets properly. This helps you avoid potentially damaging the work you have already done while creating a more secure post for your mailbox.

Remember that you should always do what you can to keep yourself safe from injury. Make sure that you wear protective eyewear and gloves when installing your post and secure the digging area to prevent any injuries to children and adults in the area. Follow all of the manufacturer’s installation instructions as provided to ensure you mount your mailbox properly. Then, fill in the rest of the hole with more concrete or topsoil to mask the concrete underneath.

Are you having issues with the installation of your new concrete mailbox post? Then please feel free to contact us for technical assistance. We can be reached by calling (800) 442-5535.

Contact us for more information about setting up your new stone mailbox post. Our team is proud to provide assistance to customers located throughout the Lowell, Massachusetts, area.

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